City leaders asked to address 'quality of life crimes'

 Begging yelling cursing. Those are ways an Atlanta business owner says his customers are being harassed by homeless individuals.

Leon Goodrum has a McDonalds in the West End he says panhandlers have gone from begging on the corner to following his customers inside. He says he tired of it and wants city leaders to address the problem.

Goodrum’s district council Celta Winslow, she called together a meeting with the Mayor to discuss so-called quality of life crimes. Winslow was joined by members Andrea Boone, Michael Bond, and Howard Shook. 

Bond says when homeless act out, the city has no real punishment in place for consequences. 

Mayor Bottoms in the meeting told the council members she has put in place additional programs aimed at giving homeless an alternative to living on the street and aggressive panhandlers.