Citizens tackle suspect following 'up-skirt photo'

A 19-year-old tourist is thanking a group of citizens for tackling and holding a man accused of taking inappropriate pictures of her outside a downtown hotel. 

The victim told FOX 5 News she was leaving the Hyatt Regency Atlanta in downtown concluding a family vacation when she sensed something was not right.

"I was wearing a dress and I felt it get pulled up and there was no wind, so I turned around and I just started yelling I was in heels or I would have chased after him myself," the victim told FOX 5 News. 

After witnessing the act, retired law enforcement officer Peter Graham lept into action, joining about five other citizens to try and help catch the suspected, identified by Atlanta Police as Sebastian Riet. 

"I approached him in my vehicle, and said hey buddy, need a ride, used a little trickery, and he stopped, and that's when I jumped on him and detained him until the Atlanta Police Department arrived" Graham described. 

Riet was held by the citizens and arrested by police. He was booked into the Fulton County jail. Riet's full list of charges have not been released. 

"For something so horrible to have happened, God blessed me with the greatest people that just happened to be there at the right time," the victim said.