Church service used to educate Georgians about new state wide hands-free cell phone law

Georgia's Hands-Free Law takes effect Sunday, July 1. So many drivers have questions about the law that one congregation turned its bible study into a learning service.

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Instead of the pastor leading the evening gathering, a state representative, area judges, and law enforcement officers sat before the pulpit.

“I'm looking for an understanding of the law I'm looking to gain information," says Karen Gibbs from Newton County.

Gibbs is member of Springfield Baptist Church in Conyers. 

Wednesday night's service focused on certain aspects of the law. Those in attendance learned things they can do with their cell phone.

Under the new law drivers can:

Make calls by using speakers, a wireless device or watch
Use hands-free GPS navigation systems
Report an emergency or crime
Use phone in lawfully park vehicle

Gibbs says when she likes to play the video of her church's services. 

“I do pull my sermons up and I listen to them in the car as well as other things," says Gibbs. 

She tells FOX 5 she wants the audio, not necessarily the video. Starting Sunday, Gibbs will need to make sure she hits play before she puts her vehicle in motion. She's been advised to put the phone face down in the passenger seat.

The Hands-Free Law comes with multiple penalties:

1st offense: $50 fine, one point on a license
2nd offense: $$100 fine, two points on a license
3rd offense: $150 fine, three points on a license