Chief judge lifts mask mandate for Douglas County Courthouse

Effective immediately, Douglas County Chief Judge William "Beau" McClain has lifted the indoor mask mandate for his courthouse.

The revised order will allow each individual judge to impose their own policy on mask-wearing within their own courtroom and office space. But people will no longer have to cover up for COVID-19 in public spaces, like hallways, around the building.

"For those who have lost loved ones, suffered the disease, or continue to be affected, it may never be over," Chief Judge McClain's order reads. "Some will continue to wear masks, obtain vaccinations and boosters, and avoid crowds. The undersigned has been vaccinated and boosted, but has also had [COVID-19] on two occasions this year. However, there is a difference what can be mandated, and what should be."

The full order was published on the Douglas County government website. You can read it here