Caribbean restaurants seeks to unite people on Thanksgiving

The holiday season can be hard for folk who have fallen on hard times or just fallen into a place where they are now alone. Thursday, the owner of a Caribbean restaurant in DeKalb County opened her doors to both.

The music outside set the tone for the mood inside Golden Krust Caribbean restaurant. The brown stew, jerk chicken and rice and peas put a different twist on this Thanksgiving feast but what made this meal even better, it was free to anyone in need of a good meal or just good friendship.

“Because of a special day like this, people need company, people need to be in an environment where they feel loved and appreciated,” said owner Jacqueline Robinson.

 It's the best way they -- who all volunteered today -- could make a real difference.

“Everything is not about profit in life. The principle is giving back. Making sure everybody is fed on a day like today especially. To the needy and the poor and the less fortunate, customers or anyone who wants a good meal,” said Robinson.

While folks in the dining hall enjoyed their feasts, staff in the kitchen prepared to go boxes for delivery to homeless men and women in downtown Atlanta.

The words of appreciation from customers made this thanksgiving day golden.

“I make sure you reach someone that is lonely, someone that needs to be cared for. I think that's the principle of life.”

The restaurant and the owner are just grateful that the restaurants were able to serve free meals to hundreds of people Thursday.