Burglar seen lurking in attic on police body camera video

As the saying goes, You can run, but you can't hide.

In recently released body camera footage, a burglary suspect is spotted crawling behind a furnace in an attic.

Zone 2 officers responded to the alarm call on July 18 on Jett Road, near Chastain Park -- a wooded area, boasting with beautiful homes.

"Very disturbing, very disturbing," neighbor Tiffany Wigbels told FOX 5.

News of the break in sent chills down nearby residents' spines, including Alex Skandalakis, who knows the feeling all too well.

"That is extremely scary to even think about that somebody was in the house," Skandalakis said. He told FOX 5 someone has tried to break into his home before.

Police arrested Johnny Gandy, 25, for felony burglary in his second run-in with Atlanta Police this month. On July 6, they arrested him for breaking into cars.

"[It's] really kind of frustrating I think for people when you know somebody has that record to be out quickly and get back to the same ritual," Navita Gupta said.

In an email to area residents, Zone 2 Commander Major Barry Shaw wrote, "Hopefully he will stay in jail a little longer this time." Fulton County Jail Records show Gandy has not been released as of Saturday.

Police told FOX 5 they take burglaries very seriously, pleased to put not just Gandy behind bars but another burglar who struck the day before on West Wesley Road.

"I'm glad the policeman found the person, and nobody was hurt during that," Skandalakis said. "So my hats off to our policemen for what they do and what they have to do."