Burgers with Buck: The Crossing Steakhouse

The Crossing Steakhouse is located in the old historic Norcross train depot.  Of course, the segment is called 'Burgers With Buck', so don't let the name 'The Crossing Steakhouse' fool you.  They do red meat, and they do it well. 

You can taste the difference with their blend of 80% chuck, 15% brisket, and 5% short rib.  It's more steakburger than hamburger.  Add lettuce, tomato, white cheddar cheese, fried onion straws, and a sunny side-up egg and you get their Engineer Burger. 

The depot hasn't been a railroad stop since 1959, but if you're lucky, you can still hear the train whistle, feel the rumble, and look out the window to see a train going by while enjoying any one of eight burgers on the menu that are priced between nine and 13 dollars.

For more information on The Crossing Steakhouse, go to their website http://www.thecrossingofnorcross.com/

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