Burgers with Buck: Chef Rob's

Cue up your favorite Bob Marley song as you read the following and envision taking a giant #BurgersWithBuck size bite of the Jerk Turkey Burger from Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café and Upscale Lounge. If you like Jamaican food and that little kick you get from jerk seasoning, this may just be the burger for you.

First things first, Owner/Chef Robert Gayle is from Jamaica, and he brings that Caribbean background along with his own culinary sophistication to the authentic Caribbean menu at his Sandy Springs restaurant. Of course we are all about the burger, but if that’s not your thing, I’m a little surprised you are reading this (haha), but there is a menu full of great options inspired by the islands.

Now back to that burger… The Jerk Turkey Burger has just enough jerk seasoning to enhance the flavor of that turkey patty, but no too much too overpower it. The burger is topped with a generous portion of mushrooms, onions, sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo, and then served with garlic fries. If it sounds delicious… it is. If it sounds messy… it is.

Unofficially, we averaged three small takeout napkins per bite, so you do the math. Somehow, we were able to finish every last bite, from the car, with a clean shirt. Good luck repeating that feat… remember we are highly trained professionals. However, this burger is totally worth a trip to the dry cleaners, if necessary. It will not leave you hungry.

Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café is currently open for takeout and delivery service.


For more information about Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café and Upscale Lounge including location, menu, hours, and specials… go to their website, https://chefrobscafe.com/ . And, as always, if you have a favorite burger that you would like to see featured on Good Day Atlanta, tell me about it on https://www.facebook.com/BuckFOX5 or https://twitter.com/BuckFOX5, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #BurgersWithBuck and/or #BWB.