Bullet narrowly misses sleeping children in DeKalb County

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It was a close call for a DeKalb County family after a bullet flew through a wall and landed just inches from a little girl's bed. 

Investigators said someone opened fire outside a building at the Waterford Manor complex off Covington Highway around 1 a.m. Monday morning.

Inside one of the apartments were two sleeping children, according to police.

"My nephew called me hysterically crying," said father Sammy Atkins. "He said a bullet came through the wall and landed on my son's bed. It just missed, inches, from my daughter's head." 

Familly members rushed the 8-year-old and 4-year-old to the hospital to be checked out, struggling to explain to the young children why this happened. 

"My daughter is having panic attacks," Atkins said. "She doesn't want to go home, she's afraid. She says every time she closes her eyes she thinks something is going to happen to her." 

DeKalb County police responded to the scene, but didn't find a shooter. Police said a group of males got into a fight in the parking lot and one pulled a handgun, firing several rounds. 

Police said the males fled the scene in a dark colored SUV.