Buckhead slider crimes 52 cases and 106 weapons taken

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The police commander for the Buckhead zone says car crimes are his most persistent problem.

Major Barry Shaw goes beyond the department-wide crime analysis to breakdown so-called slider gas station incidents.

It is the term used by law enforcement to describe when a thief sneaks into the passenger seat as a driver is filling the fuel tank.

Covering the first half of 2019, zone two saw 52 slider crimes. The thieves stole vehicles and valuables, such as purses and computers.

In those reports, the major tallied more than $91,000 taken out of those vehicles, ninety-nine handguns plus seven rifles.

Shaw urges drivers to leave important items at home or at least conceal them in the trunk.

And the major says it is disturbing to see what has taken place recently -- female drivers decided to confront the slider thieves. "That purse is not worth getting hurt or killed," Shaw said. "Call us (police) so we can do our jobs."