Buckhead residents shaken after gun attacks

Two reported gun attacks in the last few weeks have some homeowners on edge in the Buckhead neighborhood.

Last Saturday, a man out for a jog said a car pulled alongside. He said one young person got out and started running behind him. It was ruse. After ten yards or so, the man said a gun was pulled on him and stuck to his face. The jogger said the thief made off with the runner’s iPhone.

Before that and around the block, another homeowner sat on his porch using his computer, his toddler with him. Suddenly two young people strolled up his walkway with one telling the other to “shoot the father right now.”

The homeowner incredulously asked, “Are you going to shoot me in front of my little boy?”

He said the young person who had the gun balked at his partner’s instructions and decided not to fire his weapon. The homeowner turned over his computer to the thieves.

The public safety captain for the area, Tim Robinson, said the neighborhood has too few patrols for a police beat that has been enlarged. Robinson shook his head at the thought of a thief being willing to even consider shooting first and committing the theft almost as an afterthought.