Buckhead mansion party draws concerns

A Buckhead mansion that has been the center of controversy for weeks was once again in the spotlight Saturday. Only this time, it appears a noise complaint call may have led to a confrontation and arrest of a relative of the property owner.

"And they just came in, told the DJ to turn the music off and harassed the owner," claimed one of the party-goers at this now infamous Buckhead mansion.

One person, said to be connected to the property's ownership, was reportedly arrested and carried away by Atlanta police.

"We were just hanging out, listening to music, chilling really," the party-goer said.

Partygoer Victor said it was not a wild scene inside with only about 20 people at the home for a barbecue.

"It was just a little get together, there was no social media, no buzz, no celebrities, just we were hanging out for the Fourth, on the sixth," he said.

FOX 5 News spoke off camera with another family member that controls the property. They said they know about some of the past issues that they property has had, but this was not a large scale event.

Just this week FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell sat down with former Atlanta mayor and Buckhead Coalition President Sam Massell to discuss the previous complaints about the house.

"If they are selling tickets, it's business and they should not be running a business in a residential area," he said.

Over time, the house has played host to music video shoots and large scale events. But in the case of Saturday afternoon's party, both family and party goers insist this was not an event, and no tickets were sold.

Family members told FOX 5 News Atlanta police claimed a noise violation call brought them to the home. Atlanta police said in the last two weeks, they have responded to 79 calls of service to the Garmon Road mansion.

At least 13 were noise complaints, with Saturday night's call, adding yet another call to the roster.