Boil Water Notice for Commerce after pipe burst on Thursday evening

The water woes in Commerce seem to continue this week after a second boil water notice has been issued following a major pipe break in as many weeks.

The Boil Water Notice is in place for the city until further notice for both businesses and residents. That means no one would drink the water until it is brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute.

City officials said they first noticed a drop in pressure on Thursday afternoon and later discovered a break in a pipe along Hardman Orchard Road near Yarbrough Ridgeway Road.

Commerce Mayor Clark Hill on his Facebook page stated they are working hard to make.

“We have pipes in our system that exceed 50 years in age. We have breaks periodically and this one comes at a horrible time. Nothing could have prevented it,” the mayor wrote on this page. “We probably have over 100 miles of water lines in our system.”

The mayor said the city hired a local contractor to help make the repairs quickly. It should be restored by Friday morning.

Last week, a construction company dug too deep and hit a large water main causing an outage and a boil water notice. It took two days until the system was fully restored.

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