Boil Water Advisory: Where can you find water?

It didn't take long for residents to clean out shelves of bottled water at metro Atlanta stores following a massive water main break which shut down service for several hours Wednesday and prompted a Boil Water Advisory through the weekend.

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Stores across the area were sold out, so where can DeKalb County residents get water?

Officials took steps to ensure hospitals and other care facilities have a backup plan. While most hospitals have an emergency supply of water, the DeKalb County Emergency Management Director said her agency is ready to step in if necessary. The center coordinated the delivery of tankers of water which were used for fire protection and to supply water to area hospitals.

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Just a few miles away from the rupture of the 48-inch water main along Buford Highway just north of Interstate 285, the Wild Heaven Brewery was handing out water at its taproom all Wednesday evening. It turns out the brewery dug its own well when it built its facility in Avondale Estates. The 400-foot well was designed to provide water for brewing beer, but it gave them a way to give back to their neighbors on Wednesday providing reliable drinking water.

The city of Decatur rolled-out its own water trucks. A massive 6,000-gallon water truck was parked near downtown Decatur and officials filled up containers with drinking water for residents. Decatur residents, with IDs and their own container in hand, spent Wednesday filling up with a two-gallon limit per adult.

If all else fails, boiling water at a home is an option.

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