Boil water advisory lifted for city of Dunwoody, DeKalb County

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A boil water advisory, issued Saturday morning by DeKalb Watershed, has been lifted for the City of Dunwoody after authorities confirmed that the water supply was safe for consumption

The advisory was issued after two power outages overnight Friday at the Candler Filtration Plant in DeKalb County. Water Management says the short power outages caused pressure to drop across the service area. The drop in pressure can sometimes lead to backflow in lines, causing the concern for contamination. Officials say the advisory was issued "out of an abundance of caution."

DeKalb County officials said that initial testing determined there were no E. coli bacteria in the 10 Dunwoody water sampling sites, but that one sample had an inconsistent sub-reading that needed additional examination. After subsequent tests Monday, authorities lifted the advisory.

All other areas of DeKalb County have been given the "all clear" as well.

The advisory caused many restaurants and coffee shops to alter the way they operate or close completely. FOX 5 News encounters several restaurants closed throughout the county, as well as a run on bottled water at local stores.

A nutrition contingency plan is in effect for schools in Dunwoody including, Austin Elementary School, Chestnut Elementary School, Dunwoody Elementary School, Dunwoody High School, Kingsley Elementary School, Peachtree Middle School, and Vanderlyn Elementary School. Bottled water will be provided for students and staff to drink. The tap water is safe for handwashing.