Bogus bills: Store owner says crook distracted her with an injury to pass off fake $100 bill

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Could you spot bogus bills? Police are searching for people, caught on camera, passing counterfeit cash at several locations in Cobb County. 

Vinings Pharmacy opened its doors just a few weeks ago, and the business has already fallen victim to the crime.

"Especially in small business, it's already difficult enough to build your business and build your brand, and then you have someone who comes in and takes advantage of that," said the store owner, who did not want to appear on camera or use her name.

She told FOX 5 News the customer paid for a few small items with a $100 that she later learned was fake. The man on camera walked with a strong limp and had a bent arm. When asked if she thought he was faking it, she responded, "Oh, of course."

The surveillance cameras show the suspect place his arm into a bent position as he approached the store.

"Whether he was disabled or not, I think he just used that as a distraction to play on someone's empathy," she said.

Despite the suspect's apparent injuries, he only purchased two nasal sprays and a water, walking out with about $78 in change.

Just north of Smyrna, Acworth Police are reporting a spike in similar incidents. They released images of a woman purchasing merchandise from Cloud 9 with a fake $50 bill. Police said she attempted to do the same at another nearby store.

Police urge cashiers to familiarize themselves with the security features in big bills to avoid getting out-maneuvered by crooks.