Body found behind DeKalb County church

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The body of a man, shot multiple times, was found behind a church in DeKalb County Thursday. His body was in the parking lot of the First AME Church of Gresham Road.

DeKalb County Police homicide detectives, the medical examiner, and crime scene investigators were all outside the church Thursday evening. They were searching for evidence that will help them figure out the man's name and who killed him. Police said all the knew about the man just shortly after arriving was that he appears to have been in his 20s.

The body was near some steps at the edge of the parking lot. Neighbors said it's a cut through that many people use from the main street to a neighborhood near the church.

Keith Smith lives next door to the church. He said he often hears gunshots at night.

"I'll be laying in the bed and it will be 3 in the morning and I'll hear ‘Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,’" said Smith.

Smith said he hears it and hopes that no one was seriously injured or killed. This time, it didn't turn out that way, this time, a young man lost his life.

"Lord. I bet I knew him, I've probably seen him around somewhere, I just hate that, I hate that," said Smith.