'Blue' Valentine: Officer proposes to fellow officer

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Two law enforcement officers are celebrating a special "Blue" Valentine's Day, after a special proposal before family members and the whole police department. 

During Tuesday's awards ceremony for the Duluth Police Department, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Monty Blu Horton got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend, Duluth Investigator Lea Elam, to marry him.



The special moment was captured on video and pictures by friends and officers as she was in front of the crowd of close to 100 people. 

"I didn't know what he had planned, and then he got on one knee and I was totally stunned," Elam said.

With permission from Elam's boss, the Duluth Police chief, Horton was able to plan the elaborate surprise.  

"She's a very, very special woman. She deserves to have everyone know how she's loved and appreciated," Horton tells FOX 5, who said Elam is a dedicated law enforcement investigator who has helped him solve a number of crimes over the years. 

"I wanted to make sure to let everyone know how much I loved her," he said.

The happy couple have yet to plan a date and location for their wedding.