Biden flips Marjorie Taylor Greene speech in new campaign ad

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) waits to speak during a news conference outside the U.S. Capitol on February 1, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

One of President Joe Biden's latest campaign ads promoting his administration's victories has a surprising person as its focus: Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Since taking office, Greene has been a vocal critical of the Delaware Democrat's time in the White House, at one point calling him a "direct threat to our national security."

But now the president is using the Georgia lawmaker's words against her to campaign for his reelection.

The clips were taken from a speech Greene gave at the Turning Point Action Conference where she compares Biden to former presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.

"Joe Biden had the largest public investment in social infrastructure and environmental programs, that is actually finishing what FDR started, that LBJ expanded on, and Joe Biden is attempting to complete," Greene said in the video, which the Biden campaign set to positive music.

The ad continues with another clip of Greene explaining the Biden Administration's investments in social programs 

"Programs to address education, medical care, urban problems, rural poverty, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, labor unions, and he still is working on it," she says.

The White House responded to the speech by saying she "caught us. President Biden is working to make life easier for hardworking families."

The video now has nearly 40 million views since it was posted on Tuesday.

The Republican lawmaker responded with her own clip of the speech, saying that "Joe Biden is attempting to complete - socialism."

Greene has reportedly raised nearly $2 million in the first half of 2023 for her bid for a third term in the House.