Beauregard residents thank President Trump for visit after tornado

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Hundreds of people lined Highway 51 in Beauregard, Alabama on Friday to catch a glimpse of the Presidential motorcade. Many of them held American flags or homemade signs with #BeauregardStrong.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump toured the devastated community of Lee County after a tornado swept through earlier this week, claiming 23 lives.

"It's been devastating," said Christopher Goree, who lives in Atlanta, but grew up in Beauregard. "As soon as I could get home I was right here to support our community."

Goree and his father parked their truck along the road and waved to the President as he entered the worst-hit parts of the town.

"I think it just shows what a great nation we live in and I think it shows hope for our community when this week we've been in despair," said Goree.

This week President Trump ordered federal aid to help the community recover.