Bat-wielding homeowner chases burglary suspect

A man is in the Fulton County Jail after police arrested him following a recent string of burglaries in the Reynoldstown and the east Atlanta area.

Atlanta Police said Eddie Dupree, 48, is behind at least two home break-ins that occurred this week. According to police records, seven were reported in the area since Sunday. 

Kevan Ward grabbed a bat and chased Dupree out of his house off Moreland Avenue Monday morning, per officers. Most of the ordeal was captured on home surveillance cameras. 

"This guy was at my dining room table looking through my stuff and trying to find something to put in his bag... he sees me and he's like 'Oh, my God!' He then books it through the front door," Ward explained.

Ward told FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell that Dupree rummaged through his things but left empty-handed. Police believe Dupree broke into another house on Stovall Street the same morning. In both cases, no one was hurt. Neighbors in the area said they have turned over other surveillance video to Atlanta Police to help in the investigation.

Dupree remains in the Fulton County Jail.