Authorities warn of thieves targeting hotel parking lots during holidays

Some holiday travel advice from police after cars are broken into at a hotel off Interstate 85 in Coweta County. They said the type of vehicle and even your choice of bumper sticker could put you at risk. 

Investigators warn that thieves who break into cars are often times looking at both the type of vehicle and what’s inside. But nearly always, it’s a crime of opportunity. They said sometimes no matter what you do, it's not enough. 

Coweta County investigators said thieves targeted cars at a Red Roof Inn off of Interstate 85.  The three thieves used a silver Chrysler 200, maybe a 2015 to 2017 model. 

If you are hitting the road for the holidays, make sure at the hotel to bring all you valuables inside, especially the presents. 

“If you have to leave valuables in your car, the trunk is a little bit safer, said Inv. Cory Mauldin of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. 

The three men were seen on surveillance video breaking into multiple cars in the back parking lot. Be careful of such areas. Well lit or well seen parking spaces might provide better protection. 

If you are traveling with a firearm, investigators say do not leave it in the vehicle even if it is locked. 

“They can break the windows pretty easily and they are looking for firearms,” Mauldin said. 

Investigators say crime around hotels picks up around the holidays. If you see something suspicious, you can call 911 and report and not just leave it to hotel management. 

Investigators also warn that when it comes to stolen firearms, thieves tend to target pickup trucks, especially if there are any hunting or patriotic decals on the back.

If you have information that can help in the investigation, call the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.