Atlanta tribute to Muhammad Ali goes viral

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Photograph by Paige Jarvis

Photographs taken by an Atlanta photographer have been shared all over the country in tribute to the late Muhammad Ali.

Paige Jarvis learned of Ali's death Saturday morning and decided to visit the place where she felt she could best reflect on his life--the Olympic Torch Tower.

"I knew that the closest Atlanta connection that I had or most people that I knew was the torch," said Jarvis.   "I sat with my family watching the Opening Ceremonies and his hand  shaking like that, you just... He stood there strong--with his hands shaking--lighting that flame, that torch that burns forever and that's a strong man right there."

Ali carried the Olympic flame and lit the city's large torch as part of the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. 

When Jarvis arrived at the torch, she said it was her fiance who spotted them first--someone had hung a pair of boxing gloves from the metal tower.

"I got covered in chills and I jumped into the parking lot and grabbed my iPhone,"  Jarvis recalled.

She snapped several photos and shared three of her best frames on Facebook.  Since then the photos have been shared over and over again.

Jarvis said she was humbled to help others remember the boxing champ by documenting the boxing glove tribute. 

"I'd love to know who did it," she smiled.  "I've got a great photograph for him or her if they'd like a copy."