Atlanta security experts respond to California synagogue shooting

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Metro Atlanta security experts charged with protecting area synagogues, churches, and mosques, are now reviewing their security plans in the wake of Saturday's deadly attack at a synagogue in California.

Emergency Management Consultant retired sheriff's Lieutenant Charles Rambo told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "You want to get into a proactive process of monitoring your exterior, your interior before it can get inside your sanctuary."

The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta's Cathal Lucy spent Monday doing security site assessments.

"I will use a situation like this, a San Diego situation or South Carolina anything else that happens and I'll review that," Lucy said. 

As Director of Community-Wide Security, Lucy oversees the protection of about 125,000 members of metro Atlanta's Jewish Community, and over 70 locations and events.

"I tell people to educate themselves continuously."

Rambo said parishioners are a key component to any security plan. He's trained several metro-area church congregations over the years, to identify a threat and be ready to act.  

"If you're coming at us and it's our life, liberty, our property on the line, we have a right to defend ourselves."