Atlanta restaurant marks Cinco de Mayo by feeding front lines

Cinco de Mayo is traditionally the busiest day of the year for Mexican restaurants throughout Georgia — and in a typical year, crowds would be packed into Atlanta’s No Mas! Cantina for the entire day.  

But this year is anything but typical, of course.  And because No Mas! Cantina is postponing dine-in seating for a little while longer, the workers inside are finding another way to keep themselves busy today.

The staff at No Mas! Cantina has set a goal of feeding 2,020 front line workers on Cinco de Mayo, starting with breakfast deliveries and continuing through dinner service.  According to Director of Operations Melody Voirin, the restaurant already had a program in place it called #FeedTheFrontLine, through which customers can purchase a meal for a front line worker (for $15 per meal), and the restaurant will then match the donation with another meal.  Voirin says the goal of feeding 2,020 workers on May 5th was her way of still making the day a “fiesta” — in this case, for those people who truly deserve it

For more information on #FeedTheFrontLine, click over to the No Mas! Cantina website here.  The restaurant is still open for pickup and delivery, and meals may be ordered online.


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