Atlanta police make quick arrest thanks to technology in grandmother's stolen car

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A thief gives a grandmother in her 80’s, a life or death choice outside a Buckhead mall when he told her she could either give up her car keys or take a bullet.

“He said, give me your car keys,” said Jack Severence, the woman’s husband. “He said if you do not give them to me I will shoot you.” Severence’s wife did not want to talk on camera.

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Severence said his wife dropped the keys after hearing those terrifying words and the crook took off in their 2015 Hyundai Genesis, but Atlanta police were able to track down the man and put him behind bars thanks to technology found in the woman’s car.

Atlanta police contacted Hyundai Blue Link which was able to direct officers to where the car was. Atlanta police said once they had officers in place near Bolton Road and Moores Mill Road, they called Blue Link.

“Once officers got eyeballs on the car they radioed to Blue Link through landline to shut the vehicle down,” said Sgt. Warren Pickard with the Atlanta Police Department. “They shut the vehicle down completely down to where it would not roll another inch. At that point the bad guy figured something was up and jumped out, but he was immediately captured.”

Atlanta police said they arrested 24-year-old Antonio Shaw near an area of northwest Atlanta which police said is a drop-off spot for stolen vehicles.

With the spike in carjackings around the city, police said tracking devices in vehicles are a new way for them to fight crime.

“Her vehicle was out of her site probably two hours at the most, but we were able to get it back undamaged.”

Severence said he is grateful his wife was not hurt and finds it incredible most of his belongings were returned to him undamaged, including his car and wife’s cell phone and wallet.

Atlanta police said they encourage anyone who has the option to get a tracking device on their vehicle, to do so because anytime that vehicle is taken away from you, they could possibly get it back in a reasonable amount of time before any damage or vandalism occurs.

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