Atlanta Police hope new video will help capture gunman in deadly weekend shooting

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Atlanta Police are hoping surveillance video will help track down a violent criminal, following a deadly shooting in the historic Auburn Avenue district.

“As I was looking at the camera, I saw one guy get shot,” said Samuel Farley.

Farley, a security guard at O’Hern House, said the building’s surveillance cameras captured almost the entire incident early Saturday morning.

Farley was shocked to watch such violence play out on the sidewalks of O’Hern House, a place for homeless people suffering from chronic mental illnesses. Another building employee told FOX 5 News neither the gunman nor the victim were residents in O’Hern House.

“I was sitting at my desk, and I was watching the monitor,” Farley described. “That's when I saw five or six guys get out of one car."

Investigators are now releasing portions of that footage from traffic cameras and businesses, in hopes someone will recognize the potential suspect. He is seen wearing a black T-shirt, black shorts and white socks.

When officers arrived to Chamberlain Street, they found a man lying on the sidewalk shot in the stomach. That man later died in the hospital, according to authorities.

Rico Thomas is a case manager at O'Hern House and watched the surveillance video showing what happened. He called it disturbing.

"It looked like it was an older gentleman and younger gentleman,” Thomas said. “It looked like they were speaking. I guess something went astray, and shots went off, and he collapsed."

Thomas said residents haven't been the same since Saturday's chaotic crime scene, especially with the gunman still on the loose.

“They were definitely a little shaken,” Thomas told FOX 5 News. “A lot of them didn't want to come outside days following the incident.

This is a Crime Stoppers case, so there is a reward for information leading to an arrest.