Atlanta police: Child witnessed babysitter's murder

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The family of an Atlanta woman wants answers tonight after police say she was murdered in a car in front of a 5-year-old child. 

Atlanta police got a call about a serious traffic accident, in which a female motorist sustained serious injuries and was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Doctors later told police the driver, Selinea Middleton, had a bullet in her temple. Middleton did not survive.

Before the crash, police say a male passenger, identified as Virgil Fletcher, fired a pistol and intentionally struck Middleton. The revelation was even more dramatic and serious because there was a child, a 5-year-old named DeAngelo, who witnessed what took place. The boy was in the backseat and his face was struck by one of the airbags.

Middleton's sister and cousin told FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor she did not deserve to be shot in the head by Fletcher because Middleton was a loving and caring person.

"Salina had a big heart. She loved everybody, especially children and would do anything for anyone," Middleton's older sister Quita Jones said.

"She was not confrontational. She did not go back and forth with anybody. That's why how this happened is so surprising," Jones said. 

The family says Ms. Middleton dreamed of owning her own funeral home one day and will be buried in her hometown of Savannah.

DeAngelo's mother has been with her boy since the Monday afternoon crash. She says he sustained facial cuts and bruises but soon will be fine physically. She is worried about how he may come through this emotionally.

The mother said when she first saw him she fought back tears, seeing that he appeared calm and she did not want to worry the boy.

Fletcher suffered a broken leg in the crash. Police say he will be formally charged and taken to jail once doctors release him from Grady Memorial Hospital.