Atlanta Watershed owed more than $100M in back water bills

Overdue city of Atlanta water bills top $100 million. 

A factor in the enormous outstanding balance was a decision made by the former Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms not to shut off any residential accounts.

The concern raised at the time was COVID-19 and the need for citizens to maintain proper hygiene in the midst of the pandemic.

A significant percentage of customers put their bills on the back burner. Now, Commissioner Jonathan Williams, who runs the Office of Financial Administration for the Atlanta Watershed Management, reports the outstanding balance has climbed to more than $124 million.

Atlanta City Councilman Dustin Hillis asked last week to see a list of the top overdue accounts. Officials promised to provide that but Hillis is still waiting.

In June, customers will get the opportunity to settle up with an amnesty program the city will launch.