Police concerned about proliferation of firearms in Atlanta

The current climate in the nation and in Atlanta has prompted a lot of people to purchase a weapon. Many are doing it for the first time. 

But do they take the time to get the necessary training? 

The Atlanta Chief of Police is concerned about the proliferation of firearms. 

Chief Rodney Bryant, speaking to the City Council, surprised them when he revealed how many gun owners had shot themselves accidentally

Seventeen owners took a bullet from their own guns. That rate is three times what the department saw for all of 2019. 

The trend is likely indicative of how many new people are making a firearm purchase. 

Trainer Don Towers, of Adventure Outdoors, runs a free class every month to teach safety. 

"It's not good enough to buy a gun, stick it in a closet and think I will figure this out later," said Towers. "Later -- in an emergency -- is the wrong time to try to figure it out."

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