Atlanta council considers scooter law

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The city of Atlanta is trying to tailor a law for electric scooters whose riders often whiz by you on one of the sidewalks.

During a meeting to draft legislation, council members were warned the scooters can be dangerous.

Sally Flocks, a pedestrian advocate, recounted how one aggressive rider came right at her seemingly determined to make her give way. Flocks said she did not and that rider eventually slowed down.

If the council finalizes the current draft of the bill, the riders will be told they must ride in the street like bicyclists.

But there are other issues. When the electric-powered scooters run out of juice, the vehicles are often left anywhere and everywhere.

The council is prepared to tell the operators they must establish areas where all those scooters can be parked.

If the scooters are left on the sidewalk, the city's public works department can impound them.

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