Atlanta City Council looks at changing Confederate street names

The Atlanta City Council is looking at changing street names linked to the Confederacy period again.

For some, the issue is history to be preserved. For others, it represents the residue of slavery, nothing be proud of.

Antonio Lewis has some of the streets in his southeast Atlanta neighborhood.

"I am sick of it," the councilman expressed during a recent committee meeting.

Lewis was born in Atlanta and asked for his colleagues' support from the transportation panel.

And he got it.

"I'm sorry he feels that way," said Martin O'Toole

He is with the Sons of the Confederacy.

O'Toole is critical of the council decision. He noted Atlanta supports honors for a myriad of individuals from civil rights to athletes, but in his view wants to shun his ancestors.

The vote taken by the council panel is only an expression of intent.

There are multiple steps involved before any street name can be changed at City Hall, including talking to residents of that street who may not care about the politics and do not favor getting a new address.