Atlanta business, residents advised to be on alert for possible water outage

Critical facilities inside the city of Atlanta are being asked to have alternative means of water supply on standby in case of the failure of a massive water main after an issue was discovered.

The Atlanta Department of Watershed Management said Thursday afternoon that they are monitoring a failed joint on a 36-inch pipe near the Hemphill Steam Pumping Station. Officials said they plan to start repairs it by early next week.

“While every attempt is being made to complete the repair without impacting water service to our customers, there is the possibility of a service disruption to the Hemphill Plant service area due to the proximity of the leak to other critical DWM assets,” Commissioner Kishia L. Powell was quoted as saying in a release sent to FOX 5 News. “Currently, the risk of an interruption of service is minimal. DWM staff are monitoring the 36-inch main as well as the water pressure at the Hemphill pumping station on a 24-hour basis. It is not anticipated that water service will be interrupted. We simply want our customers to be prepared.”

Water officials said the work will need to be performed during the lowest water demand period. The watershed has reached out to a contractor who specializes in these type of issues, but warn that interruptions in water service could be a reality as a result.

In a release sent out Thursday afternoon, watershed officials warned:

“Area businesses, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department and critical facilities in the City of Atlanta DWM service area such as hospitals and medical facilities are advised to have alternative means of water supply on standby.”

Officials said the plan to be proactive in communicating with the public utilizing the “email, the DWM website, media, robocalls, and social media if an interruption in service will occur, or if a boil water advisory is required.”