Atlanta artist creates lamps to raise awareness for racial injustices

From protests to hand-painted murals, people are finding ways to voice their feelings after the death of George Floyd. One Atlanta artist is also joining the cause by creating lamps to share his message.

William Kennedy knows art is much more than meets the eye. It tells a story.

Art is a very important way to fight against racial injustice," said Kennedy

At his studio in West Midtown, he's using his talents to send a message about racial injustices.

"A lot of people are just feeling like, what can we do now? Especially me as a white person. What can I do to show my support," said Kennedy.

His support is through hand-made dome lamps that come in red, white, and black or black and white. On the bottom of the lamp is a message.

"This see-through plate has a picture of a protester holding a George Floyd say his name sign," explained Kennedy.

Under that image is a quote and the name of other victims who have died in police custody. So far, he has raised around $1,600 for organizations in Atlanta helping marginalized communities.

"I've talked to a lot of friends about this, and I think everybody is just like that is great, do anything that you can," said Kennedy.

He's not the only one in the art community taking a stand. Others are making ceramic, t-shirts, and wood candlesticks. Some are even offering to give free tattoos. Small gestures that send a clear message of solidarity.

Anyone interested in buying one of the lamps, they're being sold for $50. All of the money raised will go to the Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid Fund and the Justice Housing League.