Atlanta actor launches website to support entertainers during strike

Both Hollywood writers and actors remain on strike the first joint walkout in the industry since 1960. Now, one Atlanta actor launched a website in hopes of supporting others in the industry while on the picket line 

"We're used to supporting each other. We're used to supporting the little guy because we are the little guy," actor Josh Daugherty said. 

Hollywood actors have been on strike for the last two weeks. Hollywood writers began striking in May, all fighting for higher pay. 

"We don't really make a whole lot of money most of us have other jobs. You look at SAG-AFTRA there are about 87% of people in the union that don't even make enough to qualify for health insurance," actor David Alexander explained. 

To help others in the entertainment industry make ends meet during this time, Atlanta actor David Alexander started the Talent Supporting Talent ( website which lists businesses owned by members of the film and TV industry in Atlanta. Many of those offer discounts to union members.

Alexander, for example, is a barber, while Daughterty picks up different handyman jobs.

"You got to do what you've got to do to survive," Daugherty said. 

"I hope it really helps people find the services and goods that they need while also supporting people in entertainment while we're not working," Alexander added. 

Both actors say this period away from the screen will be worth it to see a change.

"We just want a fair wage. We want to be able to pay our mortgage and have insurance and maybe take the kids to Destin once a year on a nice vacation," Alexander said. 

"I'm prepared to suffer because what we're fighting for is fair it's honest it's decent it's real," Daugherty added.