Arrest after Newnan man discovers murder victim on front porch

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A Newnan man made a gruesome discovery at his doorstep when he returned home from work early Wednesday morning.  It was a dead body.  Turns out police said, the victim had been part of a shootout on the next block over on Oak Street and had run from the scene. 

Hours later, Kevin Byrd was walking up his front sidewalk when he discovered the body at his doorstep.  Byrd told FOX 5 at first in the dark, he thought it was a deer until he saw the man’s shoes.

Police said that victim was 22-year-old Jordan Malik McCoy. 

Police say it appears that suspect Austin Scandrick was angry over a fight his sister had with McCoy.  And that McCoy might have hit her.  Scandrick turned himself in to police and is charged with murder.

Police said witnesses told them both Scandrick and McCoy were armed.  However, they were not sure if McCoy fired and so far they have not found the dead man’s weapon.