Armed robbery leads to SWAT action in DeKalb County

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An armed robbery turned into a SWAT situation at an abandoned home in a DeKalb County neighborhood Monday morning.

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According to DeKalb County Police, the incident started at a Taco Bell on Farington Road, where police say a suspect attempted an armed robbery.

An officer in the area spotted someone matching the description of the robber in the Lithonia subdivision and approached him.

During this approach, police say someone fired at the officer and he returned fire in self-defense. No one was hurt in the shooting. The suspect ran off and police believe that he went into an empty home in the area.

Neighbors told FOX 5's Portia Bruner that they were told to stay in their homes by police.

When the SWAT team got inside the home, they found it empty.

The suspect is still on the run. Police have not yet released a description of the robber.

The officer is expected to be placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.