Armed carjackers confront female driver

Without the cover of darkness, two thieves donned red bandannas to shield their identity during a crime in the middle of the afternoon Sunday, according to Atlanta Police.

And they chose to attack at a time when they had an advantage. The female motorist who had pulled to the curb was looking down texting.

In all three men in a car pulled behind the woman, jumped out and went to the driver and passenger doors with pistols drawn, police said.

In a video, one is heard yelling to the motorist to get out. Evidently, she did not move quickly enough. Her arm grabbed and she was pulled from the vehicle.

The two gunmen got in and the video shows them speeding away. The third man still in the original vehicle, sped off in the other direction.

Sgt. John Chafee cautions everyone to be mindful about not shifting your attention from your surroundings while in public.

The motorist was not injured.