Andrea Sneiderman, in-laws reach child visitation agreement

The widow of a man murdered outside of a Dunwoody daycare came to a child visitation agreement with her estranged in-laws on Thursday.

It was the first public appearance of Andrea Sneiderman in public since a jury convicted Hemy Neuman of killing her husband Rusty of murder a few weeks ago.

Sitting just inches away from the parents of her murdered husband, Andrea was quiet, whispering only periodically to her attorney Doug Chalmers. News cameras were allowed in for only the last few minutes of the status hearing in Fulton County, a hearing that was scheduled after Rusty's parents filed a petition for grandparent visitation in March.

The two sides agreed that couple's 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son will see their grandparents this weekend.

Just a few days after Andrea's colleague and alleged lover Hemy Neuman was convicted of killing Rusty Sneiderman, Rusty's parents charged in court documents that Andrea had eliminated their contact with the couple's young son and daughter in the months leading up to Neuman's trial.

The widow fired back in legal filings of her own saying the Sneiderman family wasn't acting in her children's best interest. She cited pointed remarks that Rusty's brother Steve made an hour after Neuman was sentenced.

"Our family has long suspected Andrea's involvement in Rusty's death. We came to Atlanta with open minds, but after sitting through 75 witnesses, countless days of court proceedings, we've heard nothing that does anything but confirm our suspicions," Steve Sneiderman said at the time.

In one letter dated April 20, Andrea's attorney cited weekly interactions via Skype as proof the widow has tried to accommodate the Sneidermans' request to see their grandkids.

As a condition of the visitation agreement, Andrea's attorneys say the grandparents must not speak negatively about Andrea.

During the hearing, attorneys for both sides said they'd rather resolve the visitations outside of the courthouse. Another status hearing has been scheduled for June 28.

At the end of Hemy Neuman's murder trial, DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James called Andrea Sneiderman a co-conspirator in her husband's murder. He says his investigators are trying to determine whether evidence from Neuman's trial can prove his suspicions. To date, he has not turned any evidence over to a grand jury for review.