An impromptu running race changes one man's perspective of police officers

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The negative perception of police has been seen across the country in recent years, but a Kennesaw officer managed to change one man's mind through a friendly competition.

"I feel like competition brings people together, it's all in good fun and humor," said Kennesaw Police Officer Jeremy McGhee.

Kennesaw Police Officer Jeremy McGhee had just finished assisting fellow officers with a traffic stop when he was confronted by a man named Jay who had been watching the arrest.

"His attitude toward cops was like man you're always doing this to us, it was like us versus him," said Officer McGhee.

Officer McGhee said he tried to talk to the man about his attitude toward those who wear a badge.

"I was just trying to give him a different perspective from the law enforcement side," said Officer McGhee.

At some point, Jay challenged the officer to a foot race. Officer McGhee said at first he was hesitant, but eventually gave in. They lined up at the end of the Waffle House parking lot on George Busbee Parkway, someone gave a countdown and they were off.

Officer McGhee easily won. Jay was a good sport. It ended in a handshake, a hug, and a whole new attitude.

"He said 'man you're a cool officer, I didn't' like cops but you changed my perspective.' It made me feel good," said Officer McGhee.