Allegations of rampant bullying at Clayton County Middle School

Willene Anderson is outraged that two students in Clayton County who viciously attacked her granddaughter last month are back at class. Anderson's granddaughter, who attends Mundy's Mill Middle School in Jonesboro, was seriously injured during the beating aboard a school bus March 7.

Stephanie Bernard Copeland's daughter also attends the Jonesboro school. She claims the same girls who injured Anderson's granddaughter are among a group of students terrorizing her daughter and other students at the school. She said the bullying is so bad her daughter was hospitalized earlier this week and prescribed anti-anxiety medication.

A spokesman for Clayton County Schools told FOX 5 News the school district did follow protocol and procedure in regards to the incident earlier this month and that no other incidents have been reported to school officials.

Anderson and Copeland said they have gone to the chief of police and school board and fear their children or other students could be hurt or killed if something isn't done.