Alan Raines and Latonda Henderson visit Good Day Atlanta to talk Night Market at Home Depot Backyard

Alan Raines and Latonda Henderson discuss Night Market at Home Depot Backyard

Alan Raines from co-founder of El Tesoro and Latonda Henderson, the Director of Community Activation for Mercedes-Benz Stadium visit Good Day Atlanta to discuss "Night Market at the Home Depot Backyard."

The event will feature food and drinks plus an artisan market, and will happen the first Thursday of each month.

The Night Market will feature local chefs and beverage experts.

Alan Raines whips up a recipe for viewers to try at home from El Tesoro restaurant. 

 See recipe below.

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El Tesoro mulita recipe :

Chihuahua or soft melting cheese, 8oz per mulita

6” Corn tortillas, 2 per mulita, skillet cooked

Filling of choice, fully cooked and hot (chicken, pork, veg, etc) 4 oz per mulita

Rajas, hot (see recipe below)

Sour cream 

Salsa of choice

Cast iron skillet

Metal spatula

Heat skillet over medium high heat until hot. 

Cook both corn tortillas until slightly charred, remove and hold. 

Add 2oz cheese to skillet in a 5” diameter circle. 

Place one tortilla on top of melting cheese.

Add 2oz cheese on top of tortilla in skillet.

Add filling choice on top of cheese.

Add Rajas on top of filling, approximately 1/4 cup (make sure you get the cream too!)

Add 2oz cheese on top of Rajas

Top with 2nd tortilla

Check cheese for browning/sear to taste, brown but not burnt.

Add a new 5” circle of cheese, 2oz to hot skillet to start melting

Place second tortilla on top of stack.

Using spatula, carefully flip the entire stack of ingredients over onto the new cheese. (the last tortilla on top of stack will end up on top of the new cheese circle. the original seared cheese will end up on top, exposed.

Use sour cream and salsa to taste.


3 large poblano chiles

1 large white onion

1/2 cup Heavy Cream

3/4 Tbs Kosher Salt

1 Tbs veg oil

Roast poblanos over open flame until charred but not cooked through. Place in a bowl for 10 minutes covered to steam. Remove blackened skin after cooled.

Remove stem, internal ribs and seeds. Slice lengthwise into 3/8” wide strips “rajas”.

Peel and cut off ends. Slice onion into 3/8” wide slices and separate into strips.

Saute onion in a heavy skillet with 1 Tbs oil until softened, 4 minutes. 

Add poblanos and sauté another 4 minutes.

Add heavy cream, salt and stir to mix. Saute until cream thickens and begins turning light brown.

Taste for flavor/salt.