Acworth girl celebrates kidney transplant anniversary

A 9 year old Acworth girl celebrated her one year kidney transplant anniversary! Charlie Hall is healthy and happy with more energy and a gaining appetite.

“She was one year on October 30th she had a biopsy,” said Charlie’s mom Haley Snepp. “A follow up biopsy on the 29th and that went well, as of right now no signs of rejection so we are doin’ really good.”

FOX 5 started following the family almost two years ago when Charlie got on the transplant list. Last year, we saw the then 8 year old in the hospital right after her father gave one of his kidneys to his daughter. What a difference a year makes. 

“She’s grown, pre-transplant she was like 39 inches and post-transplant she’s like 43 inches she’s probably gained about 15 pounds 10 to 15 pounds since transplant,” said Haley. “So she’s really thriving.”

There have been some minor difficulties transitioning into a life with a functioning kidney. Getting back into school after a two-year break and eating solid food. Haley says Charlie’s younger sister Maci is a big help. Charlie says her favorite thing about school is lunch, Maci says that’s because they get to sit together. 

Other than yearly biopsy appointments, Charlie is on 3-lifetime medications and goes in for labs and clinicals from time to time. Mother Haley says this is much more manageable than the bimonthly hospital visits they were making when Charlie’s kidney wasn’t functioning. 

Next, the family will take a trip to Paris with the Make A Wish Foundation. The girls say they’re excited to take their first airplane ride.