911 transcript of Peachtree City's Police Chief shooting call

911: What's your emergency ?

McCollom: A gunshot wound –accidental – need medical asap

911: OK. Where is the shot at?

McCollom: in the back, a female ,

911: how old is she?

McCollom: 58

911: Shot in the back and the side?

McCollom: yes, numb in the back. Come on.,,lets get em' here.

911: someone else is dispatching help. I need to get more information from you.

911: This is your wife? ACCIDENTAL?

McCollom: yes.

911: who shot her?

McCollom: : me . Gun was in the bed, I went to move it. Put it to the side and it went off.

911 : is she awake?

McCollom: No. everyone was asleep

911 : is she awake now?

McCollom: yes, breathing

911 : where is the gun at?

McCollom: I don't know. I threw it to the side.

911 : you are with her now?

McCollom: I'm the chief of police. The gun is on the dresser.

911 : You are the police chief of Peachtree city?

McCollom: Yeah, unfortunately , yes.

911 : this your wife?

McCollom: Yes

911: is she crying?

McCollom: Yes

911: is there any serious bleeding

McCollom: Yes , it must be internal

911: Is she completely alert?

McCollom: Laying on her stomach

911: lets apply pressure to it with a dry clean cloth.

McCollom: Ok

911: old the cloth there. Do not lift it.

McCollom: I need to unlock the door.

McCollom: all you alright dear? I know you're not alright. I mean still alert and breathing?

911: anyone there with u guys?

McCollom: No

911: Is an officer there?

McCollom: Yes,

911: Ok Chief. I'M GONNA LET YA GO.