9 people accused in fake refund scheme

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Eight people have been arrested in connection to what investigators are calling "a phony refund scheme" at a Cobb County business. What's worse, two of the eight are actually employees at the business.

This happened at the Austell Famer's Market. Essentially, it's a fake refund scheme.

Israa Ayyad and Mia Morgan Walker were accused by police of their involvement in a span of just six months at the Austell International Farmers Market on Austell Road where they worked as cashiers.

According to the arrest warrants obtained by FOX 5 News, between last November and April, police accused Ayyad of making 146 phony credit card refunds. In fact, investigators said she refunded almost $23,000 to 16 different credit cards belonging to herself and eight other individuals.

Authorities have arrested and charged eight of the nine suspects.

Investigators accused Mia Morgan of making 39 phony credit card refunds on the same 16 credit cards totaling more than $7,600, the dollars allegedly going to herself and the eight other individuals.

The two cashiers both face felony charges including computer theft and theft by deception. While charges vary on the others some depending on the monetary amount they're accused of stealing. As for Cobb County police, they are not commenting on the case because they said it's an active investigation.