37 potential jurors selected for Andrea Sneiderman trial

Attorneys have made a lot of progress in selecting a jury in the trial against Andrea Sneiderman.

With 37 qualified potential jurors selected as of Tuesday afternoon, it appeared likely that the total of 40 potentials requested by DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Gregory Adams could be reached soon.

Day two of jury selection in the Andrea Sneiderman trial followed a somewhat brisk pace. Ultimately, 12 jurors and a few alternates will be chosen to play integral roles in Sneiderman's fate.

Already several people have been excused from the expansive pool of potential jurors at the DeKalb County Courthouse. Those in the jury pool face a battery of questions regarding their knowledge of events leading up to the trial, the investigation and Andrea Sneiderman, herself.

Some potential jurors have been asked to return on Wednesday, while others were asked to return on Thursday.

Both the prosecuting and defense teams will be allowed to strike nine jurors from the potential list. From there, the jury will be selected.

Opening statements could begin as early as Friday.

After murder and aggravated assault charges were dropped on Friday, Sneiderman now faces 13 counts. Prosecutors claim she lied to investigators and on the stand during the 2012 trial of her boss, Hemy Neuman. The latter was convicted of killing Andrea's husband, Rusty Sneiderman. Prosecutors claim Andrea Sneiderman and Neuman indulged in an affair. Sneiderman denies the accusation.