13-year-old boy receives much-needed kidney for Christmas

Kincaid Eaker got what he wanted for Christmas: a new kidney. The 13-year-old was in desperate need.

FOX 5 News first profiled him at the beginning of the month. The teen is without both parents and lost his older brothers to the same disease he is battling now, a genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease.

Eaker had a donor lined up. His mother Audra had been tested and planned to give him hers, but in December 2016 that all changed.

Audra was at her best friend, Brandy Loves’ home with her husband Darrell. The couple left the holiday party and that would be the last time anyone would see her alive. Darrel shot Audra in the face numerous times, killing her. A jury convicted him of the murder and he is now serving a life sentence.

Since Audra’s death, Brandy has made it her life mission to help Eaker find a donor. In recent weeks, doctors have told Elaine Touton, who is Eaker’s grandmother, his kidney function is declining. His kidneys are functioning at only 14 percent.

On Christmas Day, he got the great new he had a donor match. Thursday, he underwent surgery.

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