Woodstock Shop is a collector's paradise

They say you’re either born with the collector’s gene or you’re not — and if you are, you just can’t get enough of the treasure hunt!  Thankfully, whether you’re into comic books or coins, baseball cards or record albums, a Woodstock shop is only too happy to help you further your favorite obsession.

I'll be honest -- I was definitely born with the collector’s gene, so I spent the morning exploring The Wright Stuff Records & Collectibles in downtown Woodstock.  The Good Day feature team made an instant friend in owner Tom Wright, who keeps his store’s shelves stocked with diverse collectibles and antiques.  Lately, Wright says his bread-and-butter is vintage record albums, which he says seem to be growing more and more in popularity.  Wright regularly gets in new batches of albums, including a classic from artists including Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and The Beach Boys.

Click on the video player above to check out our morning raiding the aisles of The Wright Stuff Records & Collectibles.  The shop’s Facebook page may be found here, and its physical location is 8646 Main Street in Woodstock.