What's inside Atlanta's red phone booth?

It's one of the best-kept secrets in Atlanta, and it's not one we're going to spoil here at FOX 5. But once you know the code and cross the threshold of the antique phone booth, you'll enter an upscale world right out of the Prohibition Era.  

Phone Booth is a cocktail and cigar bar located in Downtown Atlanta's Dailey building...but that's all we can tell you! The entrance to the lounge is through a vintage London phone booth, but the located of the booth and the code to get in aren't public knowledge. 

However, those in the know can enjoy hand-crafted turn-of-the-century cocktails, a collection of more than 180 whiskeys, small plates including Neapolitan pizza and desserts, and more than 100 cigar selections in a walk-in humidor. 

Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken spent weeks trying to find the entrance and the code, and finally got inside Red Phone Booth for a sampling of what the unique experience has to offer.