Twisted Cyclone makes landfall at Six Flags Over Georgia

Less than one month ago, Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken gave viewers an exclusive look as crews were finishing up construction on the newest high-adrenaline attraction at Six Flags Over Georgia.  Now, the wait over – and Paul is finally getting to experience the truly “twisted” experience this coaster has to offer.

Twisted Cyclone officially opens this weekend at Six Flags Over Georgia, taking the place of the iconic wood coaster Georgia Cyclone, which was retired by the Austell park back in July of 2017.  Twisted Cyclone is a wood and steel hybrid coaster, a first-of-its-kind for the park which is made possible through technology developed by Six Flags with Rocky Mountain Construction out of Idaho.  The new ride features 2,600 feet of blue steel track, 50 mile-per-hour speeds, and ten “airtime” moments for passengers, including a 360-degree zero-gravity roll.  Coaster enthusiasts are also buzzing about the ride’s 75-degree drop which goes directly into a “reverse cobra roll” – in other words, you’ll go sideways, perpendicular to the ground below!

It’s become something of a tradition to put Paul on a roller coaster and make him ride it on live television, so we had to do it again now that Six Flags Over Georgia is unveiling its new ride.  So he spent the morning at the park, letting out the first of many screams on Twisted Cyclone!